Flexibility is key for the modern company. In the current economic climate it is often not viable to commit to a long term lease on traditional office premises.

A serviced office solution can give your company the location, space and facilities you need without the tie-­in.

When you move to a serviced office you don’t need to consider the downtime that would normally be involved in setting up services such as telephones, internet, utilities and so on – all that is already in place. Nor do you need to allocate time to think about furniture and fittings; everything from the coffee cups to the photocopier will be there and ready to use as soon as you arrive. All the physical office administration is taken care of, allowing you and your team to focus on with what you do best ­ running your busines

Rental costs include all traditional office overheads such as heat, light and power, furnishings, telecoms, buildings insurance, cleaning, waste management and refreshments, all on one simple monthly invoice. Additional services can be paid for for as you go, including postage, copying, use of meeting rooms and so on.

A serviced office also instantly provides you with a new network of business contacts, with whom you will share the coffee station, break out areas and other facilities. It is well known that ‘people do business with people’ so getting to know your coworkers in the serviced office building can reap many rewards.

In summary, a Serviced Office provides the following benefits over a traditional office space:

  • Flexible terms
  • Simple price structure
  • Building admin and maintenance taken care of
  • Easy­in / easy-out without penalty
  • Upsize or downsize without penalty
  • Short or Long term licencing options
  • Instant ‘community’ and networking opportunities

If you are interested in exploring how a serviced office might work for you please contact Lynne Watson at the Soap Factory (lynne@soap-­factory.co.uk), or visit our website for further details at www.soap­factory.co.uk