Jackie Waring - Learning How to Conquer Everest

Jackie Waring

‘Controlling fear, self-belief and perseverance’. This is what it takes to conquer Everest. Wise words from Mollie Hughes, who at 21, was the youngest UK woman to climb Everest.

Two weeks ago I had the great privilege of meeting and talking alongside Mollie. And I’m certain she’ll achieve her 2017 goal to become the only woman to conquer Everest from both the north and south approaches.

Mollie is an inspiration. Her presentation and her fabulous photos and video clips were truly breathtaking; but so was her capacity to learn from those who went before her. I was fascinated to learn that Mollie had interviewed previous Everest achievers as part of her university dissertation; and that this is what had ignited her passion to do it herself. She quickly learned that this mindset was consistent amongst all of those who succeeded before and as critical as the physical and technical skills.

Mollie Hughes, ‘Frieda’ (her survival suit!) and Jackie Waring

Mollie was talking to a room full of entrepreneurs; and every one of us could relate to her. Not because we’ve climbed Everest; but because this is the mindset of successful entrepreneurs. The journey can be incredibly tough, it’s often scary and requires incredible resilience; but it’s the belief in ourselves and our passion for our business which fuels perseverance.

I believe we all have it in us. We just need to find the triggers; the people, activities and situations that inspire us to see our own potential; and that keep refueling that self-belief when times are tough. Surround yourself with these people and do the things that inspire you; it’s good for business!

And we need to keep learning; always; and recognise our capacity to do this quickly and in many different forms; including learning from others as Mollie did. So the fact that we don’t know how to do something today is never an obstacle to achieving it tomorrow.

So learning from others and consciously raising the profile of willing ‘role models’ who inspire and want to help is core to our growth strategy at Investing Women. Like Mollie, we want to learn from those who’ve been there before; and create those opportunities for our new women angels and ambitious entrepreneurs.

From early Autumn we’ll be on the road, taking these opportunities around Scotland; keen to work with would be angels and entrepreneurs alike. And we’ll have some exciting opportunities to announce too….more on that soon!

And meantime, I’m closing with the Roosevelt quote which I’d always loved for it’s ‘go do it’ message but which I love even more now since Neil Norman from Chiene + Tait so cleverly adapted it for our Ambition & Growth Conference audience; thank you Neil!

‘It is not the critic who counts; who points out how the strong woman stumbles ..the credit belongs to the woman who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short… who at the best knows …the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if she fails, at least fails while daring greatly, and shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat’.

Jackie Waring
Founder & CEO
Investing Women