Energy Ventures supports the next generation

from left - Euan Lorimer, Karem Kobayashi and Sylwia Jewiak

Two RGU scholars have been recognised for their expertise with the award of the Energy Ventures Prize.

Euan Lorimer and Sylwia Jewiak, who graduated this month with first class BA (Hons) degrees in International Business Management and Management respectively, have been honoured by the leading private equity firm.

The Energy Ventures Prize, awarded to the Aberdeen Business School students producing the best theses, is part of a relationship between the firm and the university which stretches back to 2011. Other initiatives include the annual Investment Den workshop for MBA students, and support for the intern programme as well as financial contributions through the prize.

This year’s winners demonstrated their acumen. Euan’s thesis explored the role of organisational core values and culture in driving internationalisation of Small-Medium Enterprises through a case study of TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd.

Sylwia’s thesis investigated the effectiveness of the business plan in small technology firms in Aberdeen as well as the business plan relationship to company’s performance.

Euan said: “It’s extremely rewarding to have all the hard work that went into my research project recognised, and it’s something that I wasn’t expecting.”

Sylwia said: “Winning the award was unexpected but I feel proud of my achievements and motivated to work even harder for my success. It made the countless weeks of work worthwhile and I feel incredibly happy to be recognised by Energy Ventures. I enjoyed working on my thesis and was really interested in the topic, therefore I am glad that my passion for business planning was noticed by such a successful organisation.”
The presentation was made by Karem Kobayashi of Energy Ventures, an RGU graduate who initially joined the firm on an internship three years ago as part of her MBA programme and went on to secure a permanent position.

Karem said: “We are delighted to once again be supporting the brightest young minds at RGU. As a company we rely on innovation and forward thinking, something the prize is designed to recognise.
“As a former RGU student myself, one of several now employed by Energy Ventures, I benefited from the excellent links between the university and industry. The prize is one example of the partnerships which exist and we’re proud to play our part.”

Energy Ventures is an independent energy private equity firm actively seeking early to mid-stage growth investments in the upstream sector. Through its investments, the firm is committed to playing an active role in securing a safer and more productive future for the E&P industry. The current emphasis is on investment opportunities of between $20m and $60m with compelling value proposition.

Karem Kobayashi added: “The Energy Ventures Prize is just one example of our commitment to the region, with a number of charitable initiatives also supported. That commitment extends beyond our work in the community, with the North Sea energy sector remaining at the heart of our business. We remain positive about the long term outlook for North East companies with a passion for growth and drive to internationalise business, where the EV global network can assist in catalysing sales.”