Fantasy Horse Racing League Strides On To Gaming Market


An Aberdeen-based based businessman has launched the world’s first online fantasy horse racing league.


Super Stable is the brainchild of Aberdeen-based horse racing enthusiast, Alan Mackay, and is the only site of its kind that gives participants the chance to buy a virtual stable, race up to 12 horses, and compete for a full year as their horses rack up points within an online league table, following real life horse racing fixtures. Throughout the year players sign up to two games – one for the flat season and one for the jump season.

Players can enter a stable for 12 months and gather points as their horses enter and compete in a wide range of races. Following a similar format as already established platforms such as the Fantasy Premier League, each month the points are added to the leader board and players can interact with other members and play competitively with friends for fun.  This is a not a gambling website, since there are no cash giveaways.

Mr. Mackay said his motivation to build the platform was simple: “Most other major sports have a fantasy league website that allows users to earn points and interact with other players as a form of entertainment and friendly rivalry. Horseracing is a sport loved by millions and yet there was no platform for this, so it just made sense.

“Indeed there are currently some platforms already set up for specific events, such as the Grand National, but Super Stable is the first platform that allows players to run a stable over 12 months and gather points all year across 2 games. It is also the only fantasy horse racing website that allows players to run their stable over both the flat and jump seasons, so it’s something quite unique and exciting to bring to market.”

Alan said: “In addition to the fantasy horse racing league, we will also have up to the minute racing news and various blogs posts covering race overviews and tips for upcoming races.

“This is also a platform for horseracing fans to form a community by competing and interacting together online – something that just isn’t available at the moment.”

Following the successful launch of Super Stable, a next phase in development is planned which will allow players to set up private stables and leaderboards amongst friends. This is due for completion in early in 2017.

For more information or to get started, visit or download to your mobile device from the app store.