Free breakfast briefing: Managing sickness absence

Sally-Anne Anderson

Business owners and HR directors are being urged to join a free employment law breakfast briefing in Aberdeen later this month.

Leading Scottish legal firm Aberdein Considine is hosting the second of its new ‘EMpower breakfast briefings’ to update businesses on legal developments which affect them.

The session, being held at the firm’s Aberdeen headquarters at 5-9 Bon-Accord Crescent, will take place at 8-9.30am on Thursday August 25th, and will look at how employers should deal with sickness absence.

According to some studies, the annual cost if sickness absence to employers in the UK is £29 billion per year – and Brits are four times more likely to pull a ‘sickie’.

Effective sickness absence management is therefore high up the list for employers when it comes to creating a successful and cost effective business.

Sally-Anne Anderson, an Employment Law Partner at Aberdein Considine, will deliver the interactive session.

She said: “Managing sickness absence fairly and effectively can be a tricky task for employers.

“There is a difficult balance to be achieved where on the one hand they do not want to pressurise an absent employee to return to work before they are ready and able to do so but on the other hand where they may be sceptical about the reasons for the ongoing absence they want to ensure that there is a successful return to work as soon as that is feasible.

“At this highly practical seminar we will look at how to create a fair and robust sickness absence policy, how to ensure that it is applied consistently in the case of  both long term and persistent short terms absence, employers duties where the employee has a disability (in accordance with the Equality Act 2010), obtaining and making the best use of occupational health advice and the correct process to follow in the event that an absence related dismissal proves necessary.”

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The briefing is the first in a series of monthly sessions delivered by EMpower, a new employment law, HR and PR service which has been jointly launched by Aberdein Considine and Citrus Mix.

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