Aberdeenshire Company Poised To Strengthen Norwegian & North Sea Presence

Inverurie-based Denholm MacNamee has extended its remit to now cover the whole of the North Sea, including offshore Norway for ZymeFlow® Decon Technology.

The firm became the approved, exclusive UK license holder for ZymeFlow® Decon Technology in 2011. The license includes a suite of chemistries and patented applications known worldwide for the decontamination of refinery and petrochemical process units in 8-12 hours.

The system has successfully been used onshore in refineries and petrochemical plants for decades in addition to Denholm MacNamee taking it offshore. Such has been the success of the venture that the company has now been able to extend its remit to cover the whole of the North Sea, including offshore Norway.

The move has been brought about thanks to excellent results achieved using this cost-effective, small footprint, and quick entry method which has been positively deployed in large offshore projects for several major operators in the UK North Sea. The additional geography opened up by the new agreement will enable Denholm MacNamee to take United Laboratories International’s (ULI) ZymeFlow® Decon Technology to a wider audience, and work in synergy with other products and services in the Denholm MacNamee portfolio.

Denholm MacNamee managing director Brian Ritchie said: “There is no doubt that, with costs under scrutiny in these challenging times, methods such as this unrivalled system offer attractive faster, safer, and more efficient solutions and there is clearly a strong appetite for solutions such as ZymeFlow® Decon Technology.

“We look forward to building on the significant successes already recorded in the UK North Sea to extend our reach as well as using project completions and knowledge gained as a springboard to capitalise on future opportunities in the region as a whole.”