ANM Group announces Caithness advisory group

left to right - Arnott Coghill, Rodney Brass, Billy Campbell, Pete Watson (ANM Group's vice chairman), Stephen Sutherland, Pat Machray (ANM Group's chairman), Ian Gunn, and Donald Hymers

Farmer-owned co-operative, the ANM Group has announced the appointment of the Caithness advisory group, with the first meeting held last week on Wednesday 31st August 2016.

Pat Machray, OBE, ANM Group board chairman, said: “We are delighted to announce the Caithness advisory group, which will further strengthen links between Caithness and Thainstone, enhance our services and benefits to members, and continue to deliver a complete marketing offering to farmers in the Caithness area.”

The advisory group comprises of Stephen Sutherland, Arnott Coghill, Donald Hymers, Iain Gunn, Rodney Brass, Andrew Mackay, and Billy Campbell. At the first meeting, members voted unanimously to appoint Stephen Sutherland as chairman.

Mr Sutherland commented: “We are pleased with the formation of the advisory group and look forward to working together with ANM’s management team, and our members and customers to discuss improvements to operations and how the centre can best serve the Caithness farming community.”

Mr Machray added: “As a farmer’s co-operative, ANM Group is committed to growing its membership in the North and delivering the benefits of membership in the area. Caithness Livestock Centre is an important part of our core division – Aberdeen & Northern Marts – and to the businesses of our Caithness members and customers delivering a range of special sales to meet their needs in the county.”

Caithness members and customers are encouraged to get in touch with the chairman of the advisory group to provide feedback or if they have any questions.