Pete Swift, Director, Scot-Tech Engagement, 31

Pete Swift

Pete is responsible for harnessing tech news, views and opinions via comprehensive research and creating compelling conference agendas, these events attended by the IT Heads & Business Leaders responsible for spending £7 billion+ in Scotland.

His unique knowledge and understanding of the IT & Digital landscape in Scotland have positioned Pete as one of the leading knowledge bases on these topics. His knowledge spans Fintech, Cyber Security, Mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data, Oil & Gas IT and much more.

Where Pete differs from other conference organisers is the level of expertise at his disposal: he spends several months researching each of the events he produces, monitoring media reports, academic papers and speaking to the key experts in the field. He roots himself firmly within the community he represents and this allows him to observe trends, gauge opinion and gain a level of insight which probably surpasses anyone else operating in this space in Scotland. This depth of understanding allows Scot-Tech to position as informed commentators and create events which offer real substance and value for attendees.

In addition, he works to an inclusive model and engages with a vast array of different organisations when formulating our conference programmes. He has developed partnerships spanning: industry, academia, government, membership groups, regulatory bodies and innovation centres. This ensures that his events are not restricted by the interests of a single perspective but instead reflect a balanced consensus, covering the core issues that are most relevant to the stakeholders as a collective.

Pete is a ScotlandIS Member, Member of Scotland/Asia Institute and Member of Institute of Directors Pete’s knowledge will be further shared when his digital and IT portal covering all activities in Scottish business launches late Sept 2016. This will be set up to inform IT & Digital Leaders of trends in tech, movers & shakers and industry opinion.