Sam Trett, Director, LoCa Beverages Ltd., 27

Sam Trett

Having taken LoCa’s first product, Minus 33, from concept to launch in 2015, LoCa Beverages has grown from strength to strength under the direction of founder Sam Trett.

Minus 33 is Juniper Distilled Spirit, not quite a gin, a lower abv means the spirit, although made in the exact same process as gin, cannot be described as such.

Having spent a year working closely with consumers, Sam realised the gin and spirit industry was all moving in the same direction with limited innovation actually taking place. The lower abv not only ensured a better tasting spirit it also created a lower calorie product, which modern, healthier consumers were yearning for.

Since inception, Minus 33 featured at no.19 of the ‘Top 50 Global Spirit Innovations’ and was awarded the highest taste and design score by the world’s most followed gin blogger.

Loca has capitalised on its close working relationship with its consumers. Having grown one of the largest online followings (in comparison to other craft rivals), LoCa has maintained a high level of customer service and engagement leading to a consistent 5 star review rating score and a wealth of loyal consumers who repeat purchase.

Online sales continue to grow, with LoCa’s second most profitable month taking place in July 2016. The product has been so well received they have even been able to push the prices up with a resulting pick up, not drop off in sales.

Wholesale orders are also increasing both here in Scotland and across the UK with the North West and Midlands key areas of growth. These orders are fuelled by an increase in high end venues throughout Edinburgh stocking the product and listing it on their cocktail menus further promoting high volume sales.

LoCa also achieved its first ever export order, delivering a substantial order to Denmark and with a few other countries set to follow, Sam is on his way to making the Minus 33 brand a global one.

The speed of growth this year has led Sam to take on his first member of staff and with this addition he is looking to grow the business even further.

Sam volunteers with Skillsforce, a charity that supports local children, helping them obtain confidence and skills and in doing so better place them for a role within the workplace upon finishing their studies. He also serves on the University of Edinburgh business committee, supporting the university in decision making with regards to the development and improvement of its educational, research and outreach agendas.