Yekemi Otaru

Yekemi Otaru, Managing Director, YO! Marketing Limited, 37

Yekemi is Managing Director at YO! Marketing, a marketing consultancy that provides strategic marketing services to engineering and advanced manufacturing companies.

Prior to launching YO! Marketing, Yekemi worked in production engineering roles for five years, however, she has moved into senior marketing roles because she saw an opportunity to translate complex engineering ideas into ideas that senior managers can buy into.

She won several internal awards for her leadership, creativity and passion for sharing knowledge with her peers. She led strategic marketing for the flexible pipes business at GE, providing vital customer, competitor and market intelligence which was vital for developing business’ product line strategy.

Yekemi also led the GE Women’s Network in Aberdeen. With a team of volunteers, she built and led the GE Women’s Network annual conference in September 2014 which saw over 75 delegates come from all over Scotland and the North East of England.

After leaving GE in May 2015, Yekemi became a published author with her first book, ‘The Smart Sceptic’s Guide to Social Media in Organisations (Rethink Press 2016). She based the book on research she conducted between 2012 and 2015. She interviewed marketing experts from companies like IBM, Dell, GE, SAS and EMC2 as part of her research. The result was a three-step framework for implementing social media programmes with employee participation. The book entered Top 100 in five categories on Amazon UK during its launch in February 2016, and continues to rank well in the Web Marketing category.

In her most recent role at LR Senergy, Yekemi drew on her research into social media to led the implementation of the company’s first employee social media advocacy programme. Starting with 30 employees, the initial pilot was successfully with website traffic increasing by 15% and several sales leads generated just a few weeks into the programme. Plans are in place to roll out the programme to up to 100 employees across all Lloyd’s Register.

Along with her Bachelors & Masters degrees in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Yekemi has an MBA (Distinction) from Henley Business School, Reading. She is currently pursuing a part-time doctorate at Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow where she is now in her second year.