Busy year for Scottish angel syndicate Equity Gap

From left - Jock Millican and Fraser Lusty

Scottish business angel syndicate, Equity Gap, which is focused on funding emerging Scottish businesses with growth potential, has reported strong investment activity and vigorous deal flow.

Investments completed during the last year include Insignia Technologies, Synaptec, Appointedd, Shotscope and VERT Rotors, making it Scotland’s busiest syndicate in the first half of 2016.

The syndicate has rapidly grown from 15 original founders to 100 members, completing over 50 rounds of funding, since 2010. Through the co-investment model it has leveraged £19.9m investment into the Scottish economy in partnership with Scottish Investment Bank and other syndicates.

Scotland has fostered a vibrant business angel community since the early 90’s and the global angel community looks to the Scottish model – including the pioneering public private co-investment fund – to inspire and instruct.

Jock Millican, Director at Equity Gap, explains: “Scotland is a world-leader in angel investment, and continues to innovate to meet the needs of the market. Certainly, demand has been consistently high over the last few years due to the economic challenges new businesses face when raising funds.

“We are tremendously pleased to have been able to support so many high performing Scottish businesses. Our member-led team brings global experience that allows us to advise companies from a range of sectors.

“When we started out we knew we wanted to do things a little differently. We have worked hard to create an inclusive network that opens up access to a larger community everyone can benefit from. We believe this democratic approach has enabled our network to grow organically, allowing us to take advantage of a buoyant market and to enjoy over three years of sustained and increasing levels of activity.”

Kerry Sharp, Scottish Investment Bank explains: “Scotland is seeing unprecedented growth in its early stage risk capital market, supported by a vibrant business angel community. Equity Gap is a valued partner and we look forward to continuing to co-invest with them into many more companies with international growth potential.”

Fraser Lusty, Director at Equity Gap continues: “Scotland is a hotbed of innovation and current trends in angel investing are extremely positive – there certainly is no shortage of quality deal flow for us. We are entering an exciting new stage for the Equity Gap portfolio as we look forward to concluding a successful exit.

“We take a highly involved and personal approach, mentoring companies from the pitching process to exit. Even if a company is unsuccessful in securing funding, we make sure we give valuable feedback to help them improve their plan for next time. We want to contribute to the wider start-up community, as we believe Scotland has a lot more potential in this sector.”