Former head of HR at Standard Life sets up The HR Dept Glasgow

Gordon Teasdale

The former Director of HR at Standard Life Investments has set up a new company offering his decades of corporate experience to SMEs in Glasgow.

Gordon Teasdale left the global fund manager in Edinburgh in March last year after 25 years and has now set up The HR Dept as the Glasgow city centre operation of the successful national firm.

Working from premises in the Italian Centre and focusing on professional services in particular, he aims to provide small and medium-sized businesses with a full outsourced HR service and professional consultancy, bringing all the benefits of his 35 years of corporate experience without the cost burden of employing an HR director full-time and in-house.

He said: “It’s all about working with businesses to build great workplaces to make sure those people issues, which can be punitively costly and time-consuming, don’t occur in the first place.

“The city of Glasgow is a fertile area for businesses with great potential and maximising effectiveness of their people will be key to them realising that.

“With businesses having cut back on their investment since the crash of 2008, whether that’s marketing spend, HR or other non-core activities.

“Now, despite Brexit, there is a cautious optimism and businesses are reflecting on better, more professional ways of supporting and positioning their business.

“The HR Dept has an advantage as there are few businesses wanting to invest big on having HR professionals on their payroll permanently. Outsourcing that activity to us offers the best value.

“We are also building and seeking relationships with other companies, such as those specialising in health and well-being, so that we can ensure a one-stop-shop for all people related matters for our clients.”
Mr Teasdale is also an executive coach and favours an approach founded in positive psychology, the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals to thrive.

Describing his philosophy as a coach, he said: “I believe that every individual has a unique combination of strengths and talents which are innate and on which they can draw.

“In recognising this, it also reflects a belief that everyone has the inner resources and capacity to find the answers that they seek, when faced with challenge and adversity. As a coach, I believe that I can help people find their way forward by bringing to the coaching a capability to listen and support their thinking.
“The reality is small business owners can burn themselves out very quickly because they’re not managing their energy properly – maybe overworking, not taking exercise, and making poor lifestyle choices.

“Having spent 25 years at Standard Life, taking on the risk of setting up my own business, the pressures are different now. I recognise the challenges faced by business owners and entrepreneurs and hopefully the experience and qualifications I bring can help support my clients too.

Mr Teasdale now becomes the third member of a team operating as part of The HR Dept in Scotland – the others are already set up for Perth and St Andrews and Edinburgh and The Lothians.

The HR Dept has a network of 61 licensees operating in 82 territories in the UK and Ireland. Managing director Gemma Tumelty said: “We have great confidence in Gordon operating a successful licence in Glasgow and we wish him all the best with his new venture.”