Crowdfunding campaign for popular grilled cheese shop to go mobile

Mechelle Clark

Melt, Aberdeen’s successful grilled cheese shop, plans on going mobile with the introduction of the MeltMobile.

Mechelle Clark, founder of Melt, opened the shop in March 2016 and has seen the brand grow in popularity ever since and is now using crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise the £5,000 needed.

The Holburn Street shop was recently listed as one of the UK’s top 10 grilled cheese shops by The Telegraph as well as being featured in over 30 other publications in their first 6 months.

Mechelle Clark said “We’ve recently been approached by more than 10 national events about providing outdoor catering and as such aim to be ready to do so for 2017.”

Having dreamed of running her own catering business for several years, Mechelle initially started drawing up plans for Melt last year after having experienced two redundancies from positions in Aberdeen’s oil and gas industry.

Before her time spent working in Oil and Gas, Mechelle had gained experience working in catering as a student in Liverpool, and with help from a start-up loan, she opened Melt on a shoestring.

Mechelle went on to say “Due to its “street food” nature, Melt’s products were always destined to have been enjoyed outside, so after having succeeded in bringing quality street food to Aberdeen, we feel that it’s now time to take the Melt brand out on the road and further afield. Our food is ideally suited for festivals, outdoor events and perhaps even for the evening guests at your wedding. Having listened to our customers, we feel that this is the next step for Melt.”

See the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign here.