New start-up initiative launches in Granite City

Chris Burnett

A new start-up initiative has been launched in the Granite City.

Surge Aberdeen launched earlier this month to connect those studying and working in Aberdeen, through a number of interactive events.

The Speed Innovating launch event was a take on the more familiar Speed Dating, where attendees sat across from someone they’d likely never met before.

However, instead of the usual introductory chit-chat you’d associate with other networking events, the pairs were presented with a discussion topic in which they had 4 minutes to talk over with their partner.

These topics were all related to Aberdeen, and ranged from Craft Beer, to encouraging students to study abroad, to making the city more colourful.

The event attracted a crowd of over 20 people, a mix of students and people working in the city, and was really well received by all.

Richard Charles, who works in Business Development in Aberdeen, said it was “Interesting to meet students who are keen for Aberdeen to thrive”.

Emily Carmichael, a Law student from the University of Aberdeen, also gave her thoughts: “Very interesting, [I] met lots of interesting people and learnt about things I hadn’t given much thought to before”.

As a young, recent graduate from Robert Gordon University himself, Founder Chris Burnett hopes to bring the talent pool of students across the city to the table of big discussions. He said:

“As an Undergraduate student, I experienced the disconnect between students and those working in the city first hand. It’s not that students don’t want to be involved in these discussions, it’s just that the means aren’t quite in place. With Surge Aberdeen, I’m hoping to address that over the coming months.”.

“I want to organise a series of engaging events, including pub meet-ups such as the Speed Innovating night, as well as bigger scaled Innovation Challenges, Pecha Kucha nights and other novel forms of interaction that will appeal to students.”

“The hope is that student participation will attract people working in various sectors across the city, including local entrepreneurs, which in turn will help to foster an innovative and positive environment within the city.”.

The next Surge Aberdeen event is taking place the night of Monday the 24th of October, from 7.30pm at Bridge Street Social Club. For more information, and to sign up, click the link: