Free breakfast briefing: When HR problems become PR problems

Ryan Crighton

Business owners and HR directors are being urged to join a free employment law breakfast briefing in Aberdeen this week.

Leading Scottish legal firm Aberdein Considine is hosting the third of its new & Mpower breakfast briefings to update businesses on legal developments which affect them.

The session, being held at the firm’s Aberdeen headquarters at 5-9 Bon-Accord Crescent, will take place at 8.00-9.30am on Thursday (October 27th) and will look contracts, policies and procedures.

It will also examine how HR problems can grow from internal issues into significant external PR problems for businesses.

The interactive session will be delivered by two speakers. Catriona Ramsay, an Associate at Aberdein Considine, is an employment lawyer and will talk delegates through the importance of contracts.

Journalist turned PR and marketing professional Ryan Crighton will also discuss how HR issues can become negative news stories for businesses. Ryan spent almost a decade at the Press & Journal, including three years at the paper’s Chief Reporter and latterly held the post of Business Editor.

Mrs Ramsay said: “It is a legal requirement that all employees be provided, as a minimum, with a statement of the basic terms governing their employment.

“However, a well-drafted contract can also go further in ensuring that the intention of the parties is properly and accurately reflected and that appropriate provisions are put in place where necessary to protect the employers confidential information, intellectual property and client base.

“At this seminar we will look at the different types of contract of employment and when arrangements such as part-time, temporary or fixed-term working may be suitable.

“With a look at how the media handle employment disputes, we will also discuss the importance of contract terms in ensuring that your internal disputes stay internal.”

To reserve a place and the event, please click here.

The briefing is the latest in a series of monthly sessions delivered by EMpower, a new employment law, HR and PR service which has been jointly launched by Aberdein Consdine and Citrus Mix.

EMpower has been designed to be as transparent and simple to use as possible – and operates much like a monthly gas or electricity bill.

Clients buy hourly credits – known as ‘emhours’ – to use as they wish for employment law advice, HR support or PR and marketing.

Businesses are not tied into long-term contracts and can stop using empower at short notice, offering flexibility as they evolve.

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