Startup aims to nurturing personal growth

Lisa Bailey (L) and Susan Stewart (R)

Inspired by their own personal and professional experiences as well as the abundance of the stunning natural environment of Royal Deeside, friends Susan Stewart and Lisa Bailey have launched a new personal growth business, 7Seeds.

7Seeds has been created to help women nurture their personal growth and provides programmes for engaging, inspiring and supporting women to live the life they want, healthily, in balance and on purpose.

The start up is the culmination of Susan and Lisa’s life stories and professional experience. Susan’s knowledge and skills for developing individuals, teams and leaders was developed over 25 years as a manager, leader and ultimately as a global HR Director responsible for implementing inspirational people strategies. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Management and a Licensed Practitioner of Insights® Discovery.

Lisa developed her passion for helping women with health and wellbeing after learning how to improve her own after years of recurrent health issues. She has built an impressive portfolio of qualifications: Women’s Health Practitioner, Advanced Counselling Skills & Women’s Stress Counselling, Primal Health Coach, Clinical Holistic Nutrition, Level 4 Personal Trainer. Her insightful and empathetic approach means that she is able to support women to make fundamental changes through developing personalised nutrition and physical exercise plans.