Julie Mitchell-Mehta
Julie Mitchell-Mehta

Julie Mitchell-Mehta: Why Does Your Business Need to Blog?

There are millions of blogs online with hundreds of millions of blog posts written every day.

You can even find out how many have been written so far today here, but why is blogging so popular?

Blogging is a key part of any inbound marketing strategy because it is a great way of bringing visitors to your website. Without attracting any visitors your website isn’t going to generate any leads, so it is a vital first step in the process.

There are many reasons that blogs work so well.

• You can solve potential customers’ problems – if you know what problems your potential customers are trying to solve, you can blog about them, which makes your website more likely to show up when they search on that topic.

• You can target very specific keywords – by blogging about very niche subjects you can make the most of the less obvious search traffic that you competitors may not be capturing.

• They are ideal for sharing on social media – a regular supply of blog posts gives you a regular supply of social media posts.

• You can link to other pages on your website, which can move readers along to a more sales-focused page and also helps with search engine rankings by increasing the number of links to that page.

• If they contain genuinely useful content they might be linked to from other websites, helping with your site’s authority in search engines

• They keep on working for a long time. Looking at our top ten blog posts this year, 72% of the views were for posts written last year or earlier,

• They help you generate leads – if you have provided genuinely useful content in your blog post which helps answer someone’s question, they are likely to be prepared to read more information from you, provide their contact details or get in touch directly.

• The more you blog, the more leads you can get. HubSpot statistsics show that companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5 times more leads than companies that published between 0 - 4 monthly posts (Source: www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics).

A word of caution, before you rush off and start writing. It helps to have a content plan. The internet is full of well-intentioned blogs which fizzled out after a hopeful start. Only start if you can keep up the momentum.

You can read more about the purpose of blogging and get some ideas for your content plan on our own blog.

Julie Mitchell-Mehta is a Chartered Marketer at Red Evolution, an Aberdeen based Inbound Marketing Agency that uses marketing, design, development, content and SEO skills to help businesses thrive online.