Clare Scott: How does your company cope with Christmas?

Clare Scott
Clare Scott

It’s December. That means we’re officially allowed to mention the ‘C’ word. But which approach does your company adopt when it comes to the most wonderful time of the year?

The company Christmas card

You send festive greetings to your loyal clients, suppliers and associates via…

  1. Traditional card, signed by the team and dispatched via Royal Mail
  2. E-card to their inboxes with a charity donation in lieu of postage
  3. Why bother? It’ll get lost among all the other Yuletide correspondence.

The staff Christmas party

You celebrate another 12 months of effort and teamwork by…

  1. Attending your usual bring a party to a party (Jenny from accounts re-booked it back in January)
  2. Hitting the newest, hottest gastro-pub on mad Friday
  3. Letting everyone leave at 1630 on Christmas Eve.

The holiday shutdown

In terms of Christmas closures, company policy is to…

  1. Forget it all for a fortnight. Lock the doors. Switch on the answering machine. Set the out of office.
  2. Draw straws for the on-call ‘phone/standby roles
  3. Take national holidays only. Otherwise, you’re there.

Mostly 1
You take comfort in the traditions of Christmas and its familiar rituals. Just make sure that your approach to the festive season – and indeed to business in general – is still open to change and new ideas.

Mostly 2
You believe in working hard, playing hard and involving your team in decisions. Chances are that both your staff and your clients stick around for those very reasons.

Mostly 3
When your business is your life, it’s hard to step off the treadmill. Can’t bear Christmas and all that it stands for? Reward yourself with a different kind of break – you deserve it.

Disclaimer: This December column is less serious than the norm, not to mention stuffed with sweeping generalisations. Please be tolerant: after all, it is (almost) Christmas…

Clare Scott is a Communications Consultant and founder of CJS Communication & Marketing