Recruitment industry veteran named as Chairman of iMultiply

left to right is John Gilbertson, Kirsty Mackenzie, Paul Atkinson and Arturo Carbonell.
left to right is John Gilbertson, Kirsty Mackenzie, Paul Atkinson and Arturo Carbonell.

Paul Atkinson, a recruitment industry veteran and a founding partner in investment firm Par Equity, will help iMultiply build on its successful track record of placements for high-growth, investor-backed companies in Scotland.

Atkinson has served as a Non-Executive Board member of iMultiply since 2015 and takes over the Chair position during a time of exciting growth at the company. iMultiply further expanded its Board in late 2016 with the addition of John Gilbertson, Director of its Accountancy division, and Arturo Carbonell, Director of Executive Search services. At the end of last year the company moved to larger Glasgow premises and was shortlisted for Best-Performing Business in the Glasgow Business Awards and Best SME in the Business Women Scotland Awards.

“This is an exciting time in the company’s development,” Atkinson commented. “My role is to work with the Board, develop the company’s strategy and growth potential, and provide insight and guidance as to where iMultiply’s service offerings will fit in the broader market context.”

Continued focus on placements for high-growth companies iMultiply first distinguished itself in the Scottish recruitment market by becoming the first resourcing agency to base its consultants’ bonus structure around customer satisfaction. Atkinson, a founding Partner in the boutique technology investing business Par Equity, praised iMultiply for setting a new standard in recruitment service, and for its strong track record in finding talent for investor backed high-growth companies.

The calibre of individual that early-to- mid stage high-growth companies adopt is essential, he said, if the companies are to reach the next stage of their evolution.

“iMultiply is placing people who understand operationally what high-growth technology companies need,” he said. “Having experience of working in that environment is vital. The financial elements are obvious - tight control of cashflow and investment KPIs - but it also requires people who have good experience of dealing with both private and venture capital investors, and dealing with contracts.”

Kirsty Mackenzie, iMultiply’s founder and CEO, said Paul Atkinson brings the right combination of experience to help guide the company.

“Paul will make an excellent contribution as Chair,” she said. “He not only shares our values, he’s also been an extremely supportive Non-Executive Director with a real desire to be more involved as we enter our next stage of growth. We are looking to increase our headcount by 25% over the next 24 months, during which time we also aim to double our turnover to more than £2 million.”