What material should you use for your pallets?

Pallets are an effective way of transporting goods, especially when it’s to a new location. They are cost-effective and can be moved quickly. They reduce the need for manual labour and ensure products are protected. But what kind of materials can be used for pallets and how do you choose which is the best for your business?


Standard pallets are made out of wood for their durability and strength. Many are built from sustainable lumber that are consistently repaired and recycled. This makes them environmentally sustainable and a cost-effective way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Wood is also cheaper than materials like plastic and aluminium. They are well-suited to carrying heavy loads and can be stacked easily on top of each other. This means they are the safest choice in overhead racks because they fit together properly.


Although more expensive than wood, plastic pallets are more durable and lighter. They have the benefits of being fire resistant and water repellent, requiring less maintenance. Employees are less likely to sustain injury with plastic because there are no rusted nails or splinters.

Another advantage is plastic pallets will last longer. If a wooden pallet is damaged, then it will have to be retired. A plastic pallet can be repaired with replacement boards.

Plastic pallets have bar-coding capabilities, allowing manufacturers to see where they are in the supply chain. This provides peace of mind to businesses and customers. Plastic can be recycled and used to make new pallets, making it an ideal material for green initiatives. Also, manufacturers have the opportunity to buy back broken pallets and give the customer credit towards new ones.


Aluminium has the advantages of being light, durable, fireproof and non-corrosive. However, there is the threat of theft, given the scrap value of aluminium.

It’s up to the manufacturer to decide what the best option is for their pallets. They might not get a lot of attention, but pallets are a crucial part of the supply chain. They play an integral role in the overall process and shouldn’t be overlooked. Weighing up the pros and cons of different materials can go a long way in making the transport process less stressful.

Deciding on the right material for you is one of many decisions that need to be taken into consideration when you buy pallets. Speaking to a reliable pallet delivery service is a quick and efficient way of getting them delivered to your doorstep. After you’ve figured out the best material you can tailor the supply chain to your customers. This will increase efficiency and profit for the business overall.

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