Scotland leading the UK on self-build

The organisers of The Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating Show has released figures which show that Scotland is leading the way in the UK for self build.

The number of planning permissions for single new homes (custom and self-build homes) grew 28% between 2015 and 2016 while the number of permissions for first time conversions of barns and other redundant buildings also increased by 6%. Overall 1,455 individual permissions were granted for custom and self build homes in 2016, representing around 9% of new homes, above the average for the UK of 7%.*

The statistics are in contrast to recent figures from the Scottish Government, which show the total number of new homes being started in order to address the country’s housing crisis has fallen by five per cent to 16,870 over the last year, representing a private sector drop of 14 per cent

Commenting Michael Holmes one of the experts speaking at The Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating Show says, “The volume house builders may be starting fewer homes in Scotland due to concerns about the future of the housing market post Brexit, but those building for lifestyle rather than profit i.e. people build a home for themselves to live in, are growing in numbers.

“However Scotland’s figures are well below the level in Northern Ireland of 23%, and for other developed economies where new homes commissioned by those who will live in the property average 30% of all new homes.

“The National Custom and Self Build Association is campaigning in Scotland to get a commitment from the Scottish Government to support those who want to build their own home by making it easier to get planning permission, and by using surplus public land to create serviced plots - something which Glasgow City Council is leading the way with. Other initiatives that could be adopted elsewhere include the Highland Self Build Loan Fund which helps people to build a home and the lowland crofting scheme in West Lothian.”