Edinburgh mumtrepreneur’s business idea goes from incident to invention in 12 months

In a short few months Edinburgh based mumtrepreneur Lucy Bostock has created a business and a children’s safety product which has won a national award for innovation from the Baby Product Association.

The idea for the The Adventure Belt came when creator, Lucy Bostock, took two children to Legoland. Whilst in a crowd Lucy and 5-year-old Charlie got separated. Charlie then vanished; every parent’s worst nightmare.

10 minutes later Charlie was fortunately found but Lucy knew she never wanted to relive the experience. And so the first seed was sown. Lucy’s son was inquisitive, but how could she give him independence, but safely? The answer, of course became the Adventure Belt.

In June 2016, Lucy’s company was chosen to became part of the RBS Entrepreneurial Spark start-up hub. It wasn’t until October 2016 that the company became More-2-Explore and the Adventure Belt was named.

By February 2017 the design was finalised and in March 2017 the Adventure Belt was launched at the Harrogate International Nursery fair; it was here that More-2-Explore won the Baby Production Association’s Innovation Award.

Lucy said “it’s been a busy year but so rewarding. If someone has an idea for a new product I recommend they do their market research and go for it!”

Adventure Belts are currently available to pre-order and will be ready to ship in June.