Irish Business Network Scotland to rebrand and relaunch

The Irish Business Network Scotland is to rebrand to ‘Causeway, Ireland Scotland Business Exchange’, and will launch in Ireland on 26th October 2017 at the British Embassy.

Launched in Scotland in June 2016, the network supports businesses operating in Ireland and Scotland.

Such has been its success in fostering relationships and aiding business expansion, that the not-for-profit network has received financial backing from both the Irish and Scottish Governments.

With several events planned over the next six months across sectors including renewables, finance & marketing, Causeway is also planning its first event in Belfast in early 2018.

The rebrand from IBNS to Causeway will officially be unveiled at the Dublin launch next week (26th October) and Colm Moloney, Chairperson of Causeway explains the new approach:

“Causeway is essentially an exchange of ideas, connections and opportunities between Irish and Scottish businesses with ambitions to either break into or grow in either country. Causeway operates across all of Ireland and Scotland so we felt the new name better reflects the ambitions of the network.”

Speaking on behalf of the Irish Government, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney TD said: “I am pleased to support the Dublin launch of Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange on 26 October. Since its launch at Edinburgh Castle by Minister Donohoe in June 2016, this organisation has become an invaluable resource to Irish companies and business people seeking to expand their network, reputation and presence in Scotland. Under its new brand, Causeway, I am confident that the network will continue to support the development of trade and investment links between Ireland and Scotland, and to facilitate valuable collaboration and partnerships between businesses operating on both sides of the Irish Sea. I am delighted to announce that the Government is in a position to financially support the work of Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange through the Emigrant Support Programme.”

Adding his support, John Webster, Scottish Government Representative in Ireland, said: “The Scottish Government is committed to strengthening the links we have with some of our closest neighbours and biggest trading partners. Ireland is already Scotland's 7th biggest export market and more than 100 Irish companies across 200 sites employ some 6000 people generating £2billion' for our economy. We believe the potential exists to do much more together, and that is why we have opened a dedicated Hub in Dublin and will continue to invest in the relationship. Business networks like Causeway can play a vital role in realising that potential, by supporting companies on their export journey, providing a friendly environment to network and offering advice on the opportunities. The Scottish Government was proud to provide a small amount of funding earlier this year to help Causeway establish itself, and will continue to support its work through our Dublin Hub and in its work with companies in Scotland.”

Paul Doherty, Managing Director of Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions endorsed Causeway by saying: “GDG has seen significant growth in our Scottish business since setting up an office in Edinburgh over a year ago and Causeway has played a crucial role in our expansion. The network has been essential for promoting our brand across Scotland and continues to be a cornerstone of our business development activities as we navigate across the Irish sea.”