Mike McGrail

Mike McGrail: Diary of a Ginormous SaaS Startup Journey [Part 2]

On getting some tech-validation, clarity on the MVP and questioning my sanity.


It’s all well and good having a lofty idea for a software product, however, when you’re not a developer, it’s pretty tough to know if your excited bubble is going to burst via a realisation that it can’t be done.

Luckily, last week, I was able to spend time with a super-smart chap who was more than able to tell me if I was barking up the wrong tech tree or my assumptions were sane. What was the conclusion?

“Mike, you’re not insane”

Granted, there was more detail than that, but, I left the meeting with a spring-in-my-step and some much needed tech-validation.

Nailing down the MVP

I’ve be tossing and turning at night, trying to establish what the MVP should cover. I’ve been over-thinking and over-complicating it. The results of a survey of 65 marketers clearly pointed me towards two key marketing channels that have to be a part of any early version, but I was determined there would be more.

The term MVP is widely abused and misunderstood. Guilty as charged. I then read this Medium article by Gary McAdam and it really helped me decide where to focus the MVP. This allows me to take it to potential tech-cofounders/partners and say ‘hey, I need to build this’. Progress. Sweet, sweet progress.


I’ve never done this before. Can I do it? Not alone. I don’t have the ability to make this. I don’t know enough about building a product, all of the constituent parts and a plethora of other factors. What do I have?

  • Domain experience — I’m making a marketing tool for marketers like me
  • Some software startup experience
  • The ear(s) of many supportive marketers who can help, test etc
  • A great network of people in the tech world
  • Millions of $$$ to throw at this*
  • Ability to market the living heck out it

I’m questioning why I want to do this numerous times per day. I’ve had so many ideas in the past, but not progressed most of them because something really niggles me and makes me nervous. I don’t have that feeling with this. The fact is that there’s a real problem to solve and if I can do that it will make fellow-marketers lives a lot easier and seriously improve ROI. I still do freak-out though. I’m determined to make this so though…

*I don’t

If you’re a marketer and could spare 3 mins to answer this survey, I’d be so so happy.