Clare Scott

Clare Scott - 2018: Three quick fixes for a better working year

Is January hard enough without attempting major changes? If so, check out these three easy-to-implement tips for improving your year at work:

Streamline your social media

Whether it’s an integral part of your work role, or a distraction from it, social media activities have a tendency to seep into more of your working day than they should. Set yourself session frequency and time limits; use Twitter lists for efficiency; unfollow those who are no longer relevant to your business and replace them with fresh accounts worth watching. Struggling with social media self-discipline? Use online tools to monitor your usage, or block specified apps and websites to help you focus (check out Freedom).

Are you sitting comfortably?

Chances are you’re not. Workplace ergonomics shouldn’t be confined to induction checklists. Take ten minutes to examine your default work position and adjust desk and chair heights accordingly. (Do the same with your car seat if you travel frequently for work.) Use wearable fitness trackers to set ‘move’ alerts to unglue you from your screen at recommended intervals. Check your posture when you hear the alert; if you’re prone to hunching over a keyboard, consider stretching the business budget to a standing desk.

Invest in yourself

It’s easy to defer your own training or continuing professional development in favour of tackling the ‘to do’ list that’s begging for your attention. Don’t. Regardless of whether you’re a staff member, a part-time sole trader or a serial entrepreneur, you’ll add value to your firm’s expertise by investing in yourself. Learning topics are many and varied, as are methodologies. Can’t manage a classroom course? Check out digital training options instead. Your business has a plan for growth. So should you.

Here’s to a year of productivity, health and self-development.

Clare Scott is a self-employed communications consultant. Reach her at