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Aberdeen to get "cat cafe" with crowd funding campaign

Heather Lynch with her furry friend

Aberdeen is set to get a "cat cafe" in early 2016 if a crowd funding campaign is successful.

The Cat in the Window Café has set up the crowd-funding campaign to raise £5,000 from the public, offering up a number of café ‘perks’ available for purchase. These include early bird deals, charity donations and some more unusual offerings such as ‘name a cat’ and private yoga parties. If the target is not met by 07/10/15, the plans for the café cannot continue.

Recognising the current phenomenon and its ever-growing popularity in recent years since the first café of its kind formed in the UK, The Cat in the Window Café offers customers and novelty seekers the unique opportunity to enjoy great tea, coffee and home bakes, and of course – the company of cats; all within a tranquil day-dream evoking atmosphere.

The café presents the ‘purrfect’ haven for the cat lovers alike to join forces and indulge in their affections as a community. The resident café cats will freely roam the café front, interacting with the customers and demanding their attention and admiration, as cats do.

With 25% of the population of Aberdeen and surrounding areas self-categorised as ‘cat lovers’, you can suddenly see why this concept is an appealing one for those looking to seek their kitty fix.

The therapeutic and health benefits of animal companionship have been scientifically proven and well publicised of late; aiding in remediating both physical and mental health issues.

The simple act of petting a furry friend releases an automatic relaxation response, helping to combat anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression; whilst the physical benefits can range from lowering cholesterol and blood pressure to increased longevity following heart attacks. It is for all these reasons that Cat Cafes have turned into an overnight success story all around the world.

With only one other cat café operating in Scotland at present (in Edinburgh), the demand for the novelty presents an unrivalled opportunity for the city of Aberdeen to embrace, one that The Cat in the Window Café aims to deliver.

The owner, Heather Lynch states:

“In order to bring the Cat in the Window Café to the streets of Aberdeen, we desperately need the love and support of the local community. As well as the need to raise the vital funds required, it’s also an ideal opportunity to assess the level of interest in the concept within Aberdeen and surrounding areas.”

She stresses that the welfare of the cafe cats’ is of high priority for the project, the funds raised will be used to provide the cats with a loving, safe and happy home within the café.

By supporting the project, the local cat shelters and charities will also benefit from the growing business. With the intention to work closely with the local cat charities, Heather states:

“One of our key ambitions is to raise awareness and promote cat adoption for the local cats in need of their forever homes.  Although the Café cats’ will not be available for adoption, information on processes and the cats available for rehoming will be readily available to our customers; as will opportunities to donate to the charities. The café will act as a great promotional tool for exposing feline companionship to those considering adoption.”

Having fallen into the oil and gas industry after graduating with a fashion degree from university in 2011, Heather, 26, currently working in Document Control, like many others in recent times faced the possibility of redundancy within her role. That is when she came up with opening a cat café. She states:

“I always knew that a corporate job would not give me long term job satisfaction, having come from a creative background. Being faced with redundancy was the incentive I needed to really think about what I could do that would make me happy, and so The Cat in the Window Café was born. Anyone who knows me can tell you I am cat obsessed, but aside from that this venture allows me to have the creative outlet I so desperately need in life. It also means I can do my part in helping local cats by supporting and promoting adoption and charity causes.”

If you want to support the Cat in the Window Café campaign, visit and follow the cause on social media.

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