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Scottish entrepreneur crowdfunds for augmented reality notebooks

A Glasgow-based entrepreneur has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring an augmented reality-based stationery selection to the market.

Executive coach Kirsty Mac’s Tech Meets Paper range covers a selection of notebooks, pencils and pens, and comes with an app offering additional digital page layouts like planners, motivational quotes, audio tracks including meditation music and motivational talks, and the ability to view augmented reality videos tied to each notebook.

When a smartphone or tablet camera focuses on specific images in the notebook, it will trigger the opening of one of six videos, which will appear on the device’s screen as though it is a part of the notebook.

Kirsty spoke to Scottish Business News about why she wanted to use the technology in her product.

She said: “I have always loved stationery, I love good quality paper with a difference and wanted to bring that thought out of my head and actually make it happen. I really love the idea of the augmented reality and have used it with clients to bring materials to life and therefore wanted to do something a bit differently for us.

“The notebooks are great spaces for you to write, draw and scribble. The Signature notebook itself is different in its design and allows you to have several projects on the go at once. The application is the difference that makes the difference and provides trigger videos for inspiration and thought processes. Combine the two and you have something really quite remarkable, i.e. it gets people talking.”

Working with “executive sorter outerer” Rachel Ferguson, Kirsty has created an Indiegogo campaign looking for £10,000 to launch the Tech Meets Paper product range.

Within its first day, the project had already received backing from 20 new customers, pledging their support in return for stationery items, access to the app, thank you cards and video calls.

Kirsty said: “People love the products, love the concept, love how we have brought it together from a design and marketing prospect and are genuinely really excited for us.”

The funding campaign closes on 21 October 2015, but Kirsty is already enthusiastic about the future for the product, adding: “We are definitely bringing this product to market and the crowdfunding, if nothing else, has got our product out there, it has got really good feedback, coverage…this interview and really, that is mainly what the crowdfunding has given us.

“It’s starting to make a dent for us in the marketplace. We have also managed to get listings in some high street stores and online retailers which is amazingly exciting for us.”

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