Scottish Business News is required reading for nearly 43,000 Scottish business people per month, with its unique regional focus and wide ranging content.

Many of our subscribers see it as an invaluable business development tool.

“Anderson Anderson Brown has long been a supporter of SBNN. Our team very much appreciates the value of the published content with regard to our own business development strategy, and we also see the overall benefit that it brings to the Scottish business community as a whole.”

Graeme Ross | Business Development Manager, Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP

Our readership represents all business sectors and includes many senior management individuals, including director level decision makers.

We can offer banner advertising, sponsored content and sponsorship opportunities to selected businesses, which we can combine to suit your needs and budget.

We also offer the opportunity to sponsor any of our seven daily email newsletters for our Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, National and Scottish Entrepreneur editions.

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SBNN is a web based news service specialising in publishing business news stories from across Scotland that are relevant and informative.

We currently publish more Scottish business news than anyone else, sharing all the top stories as they happen whilst also giving smaller businesses the opportunity to share their news on the same platform.

SBNN is the only Scottish web based news service that collects, collates and publishes business news by geographical area and business sector, allowing our readers to keep up to date with what’s going on in their business location and specific sector.

Our geographic editions include:

  • SBNN: National
  • SBNN: Aberdeen
  • SBNN: Dundee
  • SBNN: Inverness
  • SBNN: Edinburgh
  • SBNN: Glasgow
Our sector editions include:

  • SBNN: Technology (Silicon Scotland)
  • SBNN: Legal
  • SBNN: Food & Drink
  • SBNN: Finance
  • SBNN: Recruitment
  • SBNN: Property

Unique Selling Points of Scottish Business News Network

  • More local business news than any other outlet
  • News stories and alerts can be updated instantly
  • No limit to the amount of news carried
  • Fully searchable website
  • Free daily headline alert emails sent to to our growing list of subscribers

SBNN is a cost effective platform through which our marketing partners can communicate directly with their target audience.

Our ever increasing readership is representative of all sectors of the Scottish business community, including multiple subscribers from many high profile financial, legal and energy companies.

We offer several advertising placement areas and promotional opportunities as detailed on the following pages.

The site statistics for SBNN are measured by Google Analytics to give a totally independent measurement of site traffic.

The latest analytics for any period can be supplied on request.

 Last quarterLast 6 months
01/12/17 - 28/02/1801/09/17 - 28/02/18
Sessions (Visits) 143,265301,069
Unique users104,974209,410
Page views196,131411,225

Social Media

SBNN: Aberdeen2111
SBNN: National292
Scottish Entrepreneur159
SBNN: Aberdeen3983
SBNN: National2350
SBNN: Inverness478
SBNN: Dundee453
SBNN: Edinburgh1013
SBNN: Glasgow852
Scottish Entrepreneur1655
Story Banner - £200 + VAT per month

A story banner appears underneath the third paragraph of all stories on the site.

Up to six advertisers can appear on this position at any time. Each advert will randomly appear in this position.

Advert Specifications:

Size (px) 700 x 100 Resolution 72dpi File Type .gif, .jpg, .png

Right hand Side Column

We offer two right hand column locations with 3 advertisers appearing randomly in each spot.

Advert Specifications:

Size (px) 300 x 400 Resolution 72dpi File Type .gif, animated.gif, .jpg, .png

Promoted articles - £100 + VAT

Promoted articles are stories that appear on the site as part of a marketing campaign.

Our statistics show that a pinned story can get more than double the many views as a standard article on the site.

Promoted articles also contain trackable embedded links to your website or chosen landing page which is great for your SEO.

Types of promoted content

1. An existing press release which you wish to promote for an extra week for more exposure. 2. A story that does not quite fit our editorial guidelines but on agreement we will run as a promoted item for a week.

Newsletter Sponsorship - £150 + VAT

Readers can subscribe to our Headline Alert emails based on geographic or sector preference, and receive daily or weekly updates sent directly to their inbox free of charge.

The various headline alert emails currently go to to over 3800 people daily with an average open rate of 25%.

There can be four sponsors on the Headline Alert. We record the click through on each advert.

Current subscriber numbers:

Aberdeen - 2628 National - 1058 Edinburgh - 930 Glasgow - 885 Dundee - 767 Inverness - 784 Scottish Entrepreneur - 1025 Food & Drink - 318 Legal - 240 Technology - 276 Finance - 334 North Sea - 344

Total weekly emails sent - 32,000

Total monthly emails sent - 132,000

Total subscribers Open Rate - 23.2%

Advert Specifications

Size (px) 150 x 200 Resolution 72dpi File Type .gif, .jpg, .png