Wednesday, 15 July 2021 09:45

Petrex Developments Drive Cost Efficiencies in Norway in a Five Figure Deal

3D animations and simulations of subsea assets/infrastructure

Vital time can be lost during offshore campaigns when crews especially divers are unfamiliar with specific Operator Assets.

To mitigate lost time and extra costs Petrex Developments Visualisation & Simulation Service were tasked with modelling several 3D animations and simulations of subsea assets/infrastructure to assist and improve onshore and offshore teams familiarity.

This Petrex scope is part of an on-going development in the Norway Continental Shelf for a long established Norwegian Operator.

Kevin Kit Ho, the driving force behind Petrex Developments Visualisation & Simulation Team said “Giving project team members such as divers a clearer picture is a game changer and time saver, everything can be checked and double checked in fully scaled animated environment before a project moves to it’s offshore phase. Time spent onshore using these animations in this demonstration, familiarisation and training stage equates to less costly vessel time, potentially delivering significant savings to the Operator.”

“At Petrex Developments we employ the latest market leading software and hardware to produce realistic visuals and animations to bring offshore projects to life. We fully understand and appreciate the need to drive efficiencies in the current oil and gas industry climate, and are pleased to assist a wider range of Clients with such a unique service where we have tried and tested specialist capabilities.” Concluded Ian Pithie, Business Manager.

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