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Steve Brand - G5 Technologies Ltd

Your Name - Steve Brand
Company Name - G5 Technologies Ltd

When did you start (with) the company?
Date of Incorporation 09/07/2021

In 50 words or less what does your company do?

G5 Technologies offer a comprehensive range of IT solution packages ranging from total PC & Server Support and High Speed Broadband and Telecomms and public WIFI hotspot services


What part of the business do you like best?
The satisfaction of knowing that the solutions we provide help business to achieve their goals

If you had to start again from scratch what would you do differently?
As I had never ran a business before it was a huge learning curve for me which I have enjoyed on the whole. I would concentrate more on having our procedures and business processes documented as this allows you to scale more effectively.

What is unique about what the company does?
Our public WIFI hotspot solution G5Zone™ is a service that we have provided for clients since 2004. We initially provided this service for the hotel trade but as demand has grown for secure WIFI access in Office's and many public places, we have adapted our solutions to fit these needs

Serving the hotel and Oil & Gas sector we are of course a 24/7 operation.

Has there been a key moment or turning point?

Purchasing our business premises in Arnhall Business Park in Westhill back in 2010 was definately a turning point for G5 as a company along with the launch of our office in Cape Town South Africa, we have been able to push on through since then growing year on year despite the economic climate.

The launch of our recruitment division G5 People on March 2012 with offices in Aberdeen and Singapore has also been a significant milestone.

How do you intend to grow the company?

We have been an active member of BNI since we started trading back in 2004, and it continues even now to provide us with good quality opportunities to grow our customer base, so networking and relationship building with other business owners is a key part of our growth strategy.


Do you have any non-executive directors, mentors or key advisors? Who are they?
We work very closely with our accountant and tax advisors at Fyfe Moir Associates.

What will the next 12 months hold?

Sustained and continued growth for G5 Technologies and G5 People

If you were given £100,000 to invest in the company, how would you use it?

An Audi R8 pool car would be top of the list, with the rest being spent on team buiding and training :-)

What's the best part of running a business?

Being in control of your own destiny

What do you do to relax?
Spending time with friends and family

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