Zero Waste Scotland: Lecture 3 - Circular Economy Business Model 2: How to profit from repair, remanufacture and closed-loop recycling

Dr Conny Bakker, NL
Associate Professor, Delft University
of Technology (TU Delft)
Dr. Conny Bakker is associate professor at the TU Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. She coordinates and teaches several courses in Sustainable Design and Circular Product Design. Her research field is Design for the Circular Economy, in particular the design and development of products that are used more than once (i.e. that have multiple lifecycles). She explores and develops design methods and strategies for product life-extension, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling, as well as the business models that enable these strategies. A second research interest is the field of user centred sustainable design, which focuses on exploring the relationships between consumer behaviour, sustainability and design. Conny Bakker holds a PhD in ‘environmental information for industrial designers’, which she obtained in 1995 while working at the research organisation TNO.

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is consistently ranked amongst the leading of European universities of technology, with eight faculties: Aerospace Engineering; Applied Sciences; Architecture and Built Environment; Civil Engineering and Geosciences; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science; Industrial Design Engineering; Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering; Technology and Policy Management. All eight faculties of TU Delft work towards a circular, resource-efficient and resilient economy by conducting ground-breaking scientific and technological research, training scientists and engineers and helping to translate circular knowledge and skills into technological innovations and activity.