Wednesday, 04 November 2021 07:43

Record number of Scottish businesses

Deputy First Minister John Swinney

New figures show there were a record 361,345 private sector businesses registered in Scotland in March 2015 – representing a 50% increase since 2000.

It is estimated that there was a 7.8% rise in companies over the twelve months to March 2015, with the number of businesses increasing by 26,090.

This rise was driven by a 13.2% increase in unregistered businesses - the smallest sole traders and partnerships that are not registered for VAT or PAYE – while the number of registered businesses grew by 2.3% over the year.

In March, there were 359,050 SMEs in Scotland, providing approximately 1.2 million jobs. These accounted for 99.4% of all private sector enterprises, 55.6% of private sector employment, and almost 40% of private sector turnover.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said: “It is hugely encouraging that there are now a record number of businesses in Scotland, creating jobs, generating inclusive growth and demonstrating the overall strength of the Scottish economy.

“In Scotland’s Economic Strategy we identified increasing the business base as a key driver for growth and competition across the economy and I am pleased to see that we have made improvements in this area, and we will continue to do so, supporting businesses to start and grow through Business Gateway and our enterprise agencies.

“In addition, recent figures show that the Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS) has benefited more than 99,000 commercial properties in Scotland by either eliminating or substantially reducing business rates.

“We work closely with bodies representing business, and seek to work in partnership with them in order so that Scotland is the best place to do business in the UK.”

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