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Dave Dyson the CEO of Three Wins a Prestigious Award

The CEO of Three UK Dave Dyson was voted as one of the UK’s best CEOs in the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards. He was amongst the top three.

Glassdoor awards are highly regarded by industry because they are anonymous and involve thousands of respondent reviews. The vast majority of the respondents are ordinary employees, so they are seen as a good measure of how people really feel about working for the companies they vote for.

First in this year’s CEO sector was Larry Page from Google and second was Ken Chenault from American Express. Mr Dyson from Three was the highest placed UK contender.

One employee said the following in his review:

“Management communication is amazing, with regular monthly presentations from the CEO to all staff members, which is the best communication I have ever received from management.”

The great communication and employee engagement was mentioned in many of the reviews.

Mr Dyson became the Chief Financial Officer at Three in 2006. In 2009, he became the Chief Operating Officer before being made CEO in July 2011. Prior to that, he worked for Three in Sweden and Australia.

Under his leadership, the company has taken some big steps forward. The firm has focused on customer experience and the word has spread. In February 2015, the firm announced that they had 478,000 new customers, and the firm’s Earnings Before Interest and Tax grew to £314m in 2014.

They are leading the way with 4G. Currently 42% of their customer base is using 4G. The firm’s customers are also using a lot more data than they were in the past. Since 2014, the average monthly data usage per customer has risen by 60% to an average of 3.3GB per month.

Three executives lead from the front. The firm has worked with Cirrus to develop a strong executive leadership development programme, which allows the management team to constantly update and improve its skill set.

Dave Dyson explained the firm’s Inspiring Leaders programme in a recent interview he did for HR Magazine. He said:

“When Three UK found ourselves competing on price, we saw a broader opportunity to challenge the mobile phone industry for the better. We recognised the need to develop our leaders to start reinventing the rules of mobile once more.”

Three was first launched in 2003. At that time, it was seen simply as a low cost provider rather than as an innovator. Today, the firm has made the transition from being a low cost mobile operator to being a brand led company that innovates, and is one of the first to take advantage of and bring to market new technology.

The Inspiring Leadership programme has helped to pull the team together and get everyone moving in the same direction. The first people to complete the programme were the board members. Today, all senior executives go through the six-day course, which is followed up by one to one coaching.

This innovative leadership programme has helped to foster a collaborative working environment that has enabled the firm to achieve its goals. Clearly, it has created a working environment that employees enjoy and appreciate.

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