Thursday, 23 July 2021 21:18

Digital marketing agency celebrates two new contracts

Digital marketing agency mobbus is celebrating new contracts with Wood Group and Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier.

mobbus, which offers digital engagement services to businesses and consumer brands will be supporting Wood Group's internal communications with video technology.

The technology gives businesses a private platform which structures video content for everyday use. Employees can record responses to questionnaires using their own webcams and smartphones.

Recorded content can then be distributed throughout the organisation using newsletters, video walls and social media channels.

Nationwide, Panasonic and Johnson & Johnson already use the technology to bring their teams closer together.

Mobbus was also appointed to provide marketing services to Award Winning Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier.

Their remit is to drive online customer acquisition, sales and engagement. As well as utilising video technology to recruit chocolate lovers for a Taste & Review Club, Search and Content Marketing will be used to grow the current customer base online and generate customer advocacy, word of mouth recommendations, content shares, and influencer outreach.

Partnerships with established Malt brands will support the emerging Chocolate and Whisky pairings culture.

Angela Patton, Director at Mobbus said 'Our digital marketing experience combined with our real time video technology put us in a unique position to help clients to drive engagement and business growth on digital platforms. Integrating video into communications and content facilitates better understanding and promotes closer working relationships across organisations. Mobbus will be supporting Marketing Society's Digital Day Event with real time app based video feedback in Edinburgh in October.


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