Thursday, 29 October 2021 10:37

Scottish business expands summer schools to the USA

Jen Munro

A summer school business founded in Scotland is to expand into America for the first time by launching a summer programme at the prestigious Yale University.

The International Summer School (ISSOS) has grown steadily over the last decade to become one of the top international summer schools attracting students and educationalists from across the world.

The tailored educational programmes offer students aged 13-18 years the opportunity to study and live in the historic and picturesque university towns of St Andrews and Cambridge.

Following ISSOS’s success and the demand from a high number of returning students seeking new experiences, the company is expanding into America with a three week action-packed summer programme set to run at Yale University from the 17th July to 6th August 2016.

The company currently welcomes nearly 500 students from 60 nationalities each year and hopes to give a further 150 students a unique experience at Yale next year. This is huge feat for a Scottish business which began in 2006 with just 50 students.

Jen Munro, aged 35, founder and managing director of ISSOS, said: “We are extremely excited to announce our first overseas summer programme at Yale University. ISSOS have been experiencing an increasing demand over recent years from UK students who want an international experience and their parents who are encouraging them to use their summers more constructively.

“Yale provided the opportunity for students to spend their summer holidays in one of the US’s top Ivy League Universities, where we offer a mixture of academic and elective courses. The majority of our students come from mainland Europe but we have students from America, Lebanon, Australia, Russia and China.

“The expansion to America is a real milestone for the company. When I first started ISSOS I knew there was a gap to be filled in the education sector and Scotland was the ideal location as there is a real fascination with the country amongst foreigners. Once we’d perfected our UK programmes, it became clear there was demand for something in the US which is renowned for its summer camps but I knew ISSOS could offer something different to a more international audience.”

Jen has built ISSOS based on a values-led mission to create a safe place for young people to learn and grow. Traditional education systems might provide physical safety for students in the UK but Jen understood that emotional safety for teenagers is equally as important. Encouragement and inclusivity are key factors in making students feel safe and are undoubtedly part of ISSOS’s successful educational formula.

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