Trisent appoints new Chief Operations Officer

Luke Harte

Glasgow-based tech start-up, Trisent, which has been developing a product to help people protect and control their personal data, has appointed Luke Harte as Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Luke previously founded and ran technology start-up Onyu, which focused on personal information security.

Use of personal data by global companies is now top of the news agenda but small Scottish start-ups such as Trisent and Onyu have been working on protection of personal data for some time.  As the market catches up with these innovators, Luke says there are huge opportunities for Trisent: “The way our information has been held has always been vulnerable and never controlled by the owner. This is only starting to become common knowledge via social media issues and of course GDPR. Trisent’s ‘Dropbox’ for personal data allows the user to consolidate and take control of their personal information. There is clearly a growing need for this, but what I really like about Trisent’s approach is that they have put user trust and security at the core of their product.”

Luke started Onyu with co-founder Stuart Beattie in 2013 and created an app allowing individuals to securely store and share personal information with their contacts. He ran the company for two years and turned down an acquisition offer and says “we were ambitious and ahead of the issues that we are now seeing as customer pain points. It is perhaps no great surprise that Onyu also worked with Trisent’s academic partner, Edinburgh Napier University, on a data security project. Many of the things I learned from running Onyu are highly relevant to Trisent’s business and I am really looking forward to working with them.”

Luke also brings knowledge of blockchain technology that Trisent is using in its forthcoming product. A personal project in this area has seen him build and recently launch an independent cryptocurrency news site called “TodaysCrypto” that provides live news and market information in the area of digital currency and blockchain technology.

Gordon Povey, Trisent, founder and CEO, said of the appointment “I have known Luke for a number of years, initially through his work at Onyu, and he has also worked with us on a couple of sprojects. He has a great technology and entrepreneurial background, shares in our values around data privacy, he also understands our technology and the market challenges. So, to have him join our team is brilliant news and will add strength to the company”.